Berger Wall Paint Designs For Interior

Turn them sad, boring walls into works of art. Interior Berger wall paint designs vary greatly and offer a wealth of different looks to your walls. You can add 3- D effects, stripes or dots or any other method you want. Difficulty will vary depending on the paint technique you choose.

Wonderful Berger Wall Paint Designs

Silk paper will add texture to your Berger wall paint designs. This technique requires only a few points to perform. Apply a layer of paint to your wall, a little bigger than the silk paper. When the paint is on the wall – and while still wet-crinkle your piece of silk paper and stick the paper to your wall. Simply paint over silk paper with another layer of paint and allow drying. If you want to give your walls an Old World feel, apply a color-wash glaze to your walls. The final result will look like an antique conductor, textured wall.

Berger wall paint designs for interior, add a luxury look to your walls by painting them with strie or drawing painting techniques. Strie (pull) paint will make your walls appear as if they are covered in fabric. To achieve this look, use paint, water, a paint pad and a dry brush. Dilute your paint as this will ensure that the paint will co-operate without drying out or lumps. Apply water on your paint pad, dip paint in paint and apply to your walls. Run a dry brush through the wet paint to achieve horizontal and vertical markings.

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