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Asian paints wall colour sample flats – Asian-themed decoration requires the paint colors that are both serene and dramatic. Delicate tea green walls complete Japanese woodcuts. While red and black lacquer furniture are offset by pale bamboo paint. Painted walls of cherry blossom color give an updated look for oriental-style decor. Incorporating elements of feng shui means being aware that colors carry meanings. And also can influence your state of mind, according to Chinese tradition.

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There on simplicity and minimalism; avoid mess. That does not mean you have to stick to neutral nuances paint, though. Firstly, consider all your decorating items. If your prints, wall decor and decor are bold and multi-colored, a soothing pale shadow may work best on your asian paints wall colour sample flats. On the other hand, if your decor is bold and dramatic you can find a vibrant shadow will showcase your furniture.

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Think of green tea, bamboo shoots or lightest of jade. While dark green is rarely used in Asian decorations with the exception of jade accents, pale green is a color of calm and regeneration. So, ideal for bedroom or examination asian paints wall colour sample flats. As a general rule, green is a bad choice if there are red accents in your room, but it looks wonderful with pale pink. Black and deep brown. Create a lot of colorful prints, textiles, flowers and plants if you want to keep your walls white. White is considered a cold color. Following the feng shui principles and results in too much negative energy if it is the primary color of a room.

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