Dublin breakfast sausage

The sausage is the stalwart of the traditional full Irish breakfast. This recipe is for handmade sausages that will only take you a few minutes to go from minced meat to delicious cooked sausage.

Traditional bacon and cabbage

It doesn't get much more Irish than this dish! Though corned beef is often linked to Ireland it is in fact a joint of bacon that you would most likely served in an Irish household. Often eaten as the Sunday roast this is the epitome of winter comfort food.  We've added a tasy Mustard sauce recipe to go with it, alternatively it can be served with parsley sauce.

Irish Soda Bread

This delicious bread is popular throughout Ireland and is often eaten with breakfast. The basic recipe below can be spiced up with cinnamon, herbs or even chocolate for those with a sweet tooth.


UCD campus accommodation

Just 4km from the heart of Dublin city centre UCD campus offers a high standard of budget accommodation to visitors from June to September each year. UCD campus has a very well serviced bus route to and from Dublin city and the surrounds and is on the aircoach bus route directly from Dublin Airport.

Irish Guinness Brownies

<p>This is a brownie recipe for the grown-ups that originated in Ireland. We are not sure but we think it could be the malt in the Guinness combined with the chocolate that makes the brownies taste so good!</p>

Dublin campus accommodation

Dublin campus accommodation is an ideal budget accommodation offering modern, clean accommodation at a higher standard found in hostels but with a more relaxed atmostphere than a hotel. Travellers can be assured of a comfortable stay at very reasonable rates.

Visit Dublin

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Castles in the air. So much history in so many castles tell of an ancient and turbulent past. Dublin Castle, Rathfarnham Castle, Ashtown Castle, Malahide Castle and many others where visitors are catered for.

So many quality museums and art galleries to add to this colourful history. The museum enthusiasts can spend many days, nay weeks, satisfying their curiosity and broadening their knowledge. The list is long and much of its treasures, ancient and modern, are priceless;


Saint Patricks Cathedral Dublin

Saint Patricks Cathedral, Dublin is the National Cathedral for the whole of Ireland and attracts over 300,000 visitors a year. The main purpose of the Cathedral always was and still is religious worship.

Dicey Reillys bar Dublin

Across the street and further down from D-Two, you'll find Dicey Reilly's, part of the Russell Court Hotel.  With friendly staff, tasty food and a great atmosphere, it's another defininte hot spot! 

Christ Church Cathedral

ChristChurch cathedral should be part of everyone's itinerary when visiting Dublin. Christchurch is in a commanding position in the centre of the old part of the city of Dublin. It is possibly the citys' finest historic building and certainly its best known landmark.

D-Two bar Dublin

The well known harcourt hotel, home to the D-Two bar,  was once also the home of famed literary genius, George Bernard Shaw.


Croke Park Dublin

The GAA was founded in1884 to revive and nurture traditional games and pastimes which were being steadily eroded by emigration. Since its foundation the site has been used by the GAA for the playing of Gaelic Games. The association purchased the site in 1913 and named it Croke Park to honour its 1st patron, Archbishop Croke of Cashel

Greyhound racing in Dublin

Greyhound racing always had an enthusiastic following in Ireland. The two main racing stadiums in Dublin, Shelbourne Park and Harold’s Cross were rebuilt several years ago and made them attractive to a much wider audience.

Horse Racing in Dublin

If a day at the races is what you want then you came to the right city...


Champ is a very traditional Irish dish using the most traditional of Irish ingredients - the potato. It is great for cosy evenings at home in front of the fire or for filling up before a night out on the town.

Harcourt Hotspots1 - The Odeon

A few of the hot bars to visit in the Harcourt St area.

Dublin's nitelink

For those of us who like to party late the nitelink, Dublin's late night bus service, can be a lifesaver.

The original burger at Captain America's

Captain America's can lay claim to bringing the original burger to Dublin way back in 1971 long before McDonalds moved in a few doors down on Grafton street...

Shop till you drop!

Over the last few years Dublin has become famous for its great shopping.  Many of these great shops can be found on the salubrious Grafton street in Dublin city centre.

Grab an Ecocab - it's free!

A great initiative in Dublin city centre are the new Ecocabs which are 100% emission free.  By choosing the green option at no charge you can get around Dublin city centre for free and feel good about yourself!

Peter's little gem

Peter's Pub is a perfect spot to chat and catch up, in a friendly, old-world atmosphere.

Let's do the Time Warp!

Newly opened Club Nassau is an 80's-music-lovers dream... they've even brought back the Slow Set!

Fish N Chips at Beshoffs

Beshoff's is Dublin's most famous fish and chip with a tradition of great fish and chips dating back to 1914!

A Shopper's Delight

Located just 10 minutes from the city centre on the  Luas is the Dundrum shopping centre - the largest shopping centre in Ireland and soon to become the largest  in Europe. With over 80 stores, 29 restaurants, a 12 screen cinema and a theatre you'll be spoiled for choice.

Dublin Lawyer

This lobster dish has been popular for a couple of centuries in Ireland. Though there is debate about where the name came from many believe it's named after lawyers for the fact they are thought to be rich and full of whiskey!

Though the ingredients are a little expensive its is a worthwhile treat.

Boxty - potato cakes


Boxty is a traditional potato dish made with both grated and mashed potato absolutely delicious as a breakfast or supper treat. And it's so good it even comes with it's own poem!

"Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan, If you can't make boxty, you'll never get your man"

Dublin Bay Prawns with melted garlic

Dublin Bay Prawns with melted garlic

Fresh Dublin Bay Prawns have a delicously sweet flavour to them. We think they're the best in the world. Perfect boiled or grilled and drizzled with some garlic butter.

Delicious Dublin Coddle

Delicious Dublin Coddle

A favourite in Dublin for many years. Hearty and economical it was traditionally served to the man of the house on his return from the local public house on a Saturday night. A simple meal to cook and to enjoy especially served with a glass of guiness stout!