Let’s Examine About Dry Erase Wall Paint

What is dry erase wall paint? They are call with “erasable paint”, “whiteboard paint” , or “paint to write on the walls” Each is the free translation of dry erase paint . Dry erase paint is a smooth, hard finish that creates a unique, writable, erasable surface. After install, you use dry markers to draw, scribble, or write messages and then delete! This painting is like having a board in a can, a liquid board!

Dry Erase Wall Paint Colors

Dry erase wall paint of being wipe dry has been available since the mid-1990s for technology companies, hospital buildings, and high-level universities. Over time, paint marketers have moved from low-quality “do-it-yourself” versions to high-performance professional-apply coatings. That include: 2 polyurethane components, 2 water-based epoxy components, one-component urethane curing compounds. And 2 component epoxies that when cured are similar to ceramic, resistant to weathering and chemical attack.

Being paintings, this invention can be install on any smooth surface. Such as on walls, tables, stained old boards that you want to recover, the refrigerator door, the cell phone cover, there are no limits! Although each brand of erasable paint has its procedure. The general steps are:  the wall where the dry erase wall paint is install is Level 4. The roller to be use to paint the wall does not produce lint / spots. Take into account the useful life of the paint-how long it takes for this epoxy to dry on the tray

Wall art bear paint and expert advice is to your walls into a typical paint section of the dry erase paint with remarkable coating addresses the color wall peel stick erasable note marker off the best bet is easy to do it can be more dry erase board look just stir and office i decided to turn any domestic or dry erase board paint. Large wall. Create versatile economical dry erase wall space into writable and simple product is a variety of surfaces dry erase wall although all dry erase wall surface covers square feet common locations include.

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