How To Splatter Paint Wall Bedroom

Splatter paint wall – If you want splatter paint your bedroom walls, prepare to get a little messy. Splatter painting can be a fun activity, but it requires you to get the color almost everywhere in the room – and on its own. Wear old clothes and goggles and fix dust sheets. There is no right way to sprinkle paint walls. Each wall may look different; the lack of uniformity testifies to the unique and creativity of the technology.

Cute Splatter Paint Wall


Put on old clothes, goggles and plastic gloves. You’re ready to get very messy. Cover your splatter paint wall with dust sheet and secure with a target tape. Cover trim with target tape if you do not want it to splash. Choose between three and five colors to sprinkle on the walls. Pour the paint into separate buckets or troughs. Dip paintbrushes of varying widths in color. The brushes should contain a good amount of color, but should not be dripping with color.

Flick brush with a quick turn on the wrist so that the color ends up on the splatter paint wall. This technique will produce small splashes. Larger splashes require larger brushes or sponges. Beat a large sea mushroom in water. Press out all water. Dip the mushroom in a bucket of color. Cover it completely with color. Throw the sponge against the wall. The splatter will be much bigger than brush splashes. Repeat with different colors.

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