Tips Applying Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint

Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint – If the wall has defects such as cracks, dirt or verdigris. You will first have to repair it and clean it (with a pressure washer), and then you can apply the new paint layer. Renewing the facade does not only consist of applying a fresh coat of paint and giving the wall a new look. We must also protect it from air pollutants, or from birds that do their “little things” anywhere.

Waterproof Exterior Wall Paint Option

And this affects not only the aesthetics of the enclosures of the building but also causes a deterioration of the structure of the wall. Putting at risk the stability of its materials. That is why waterproof exterior wall paint is always MORE RESISTANT than the one used indoors. Before applying paint, a coat of primer or sealer should be applied. This is a fixing product that causes the wall to absorb the paint in a homogeneous way over the entire surface. To avoid that later some areas are darker than others. Choosing the right paint for the exterior of our house is not an easy task.

There are specific products to be applying to especially damage facades. This tells us how many square meters we can paint with a liter of paint. You can check this information in the technical data sheet of the product’s boat. The higher the yield, the better the protection of the paint and you will need to use fewer products. In rainy areas apply waterproof exterior wall paint with good resistance to rainwater, waterproof and anti-mold.

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