Whiteboard Wall Paint For Different Room

Whiteboard wall paint can be used to accessorize and add some personality to the decor in your room. Although whiteboard wall paint is commonly thought of for a child’s room. You may not realize how it can be utilized in other rooms of your home as well. Here are some unique ways to use whiteboard wall paint in different rooms of your home.

Whiteboard Wall Paint For Home Office

Using whiteboard wall paint in a child’s bedroom is the most popular way to use it. You can paint an area of the wall that a child can use for their very own whiteboard to play and draw on. You can also use the paint on things like tables and closet doors for the child’s bedroom as well. For personalized closet doors, paint them with chalkboard paint and let your child draw any type of scene or design that they want on the doors. They can change it as often as they want or change it with different seasons or holidays throughout the year.

If you have home office in your house, you may be able to utilize whiteboard wall paint to your advantage. Use the paint on a section of a wall. So that you can make your very own message board or monthly/weekly calendar. It is much more convenient to have a large board on the wall for your important tasks and items rather than a small desk calendar that you may not even notice every day. You could also paint a small piece of wood, frame it, hang it outside the home office door, and write messages on it when you don’t want to be bothered. Your family members can also write messages back to you. So that they aren’t bothering you when you are working.

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