Wonderful Wall Mural New York Theme

Photographs, prints, children’s drawings … Any composition can be a beautiful wall mural New York if it complies with some rules. It is not necessary to have great works of art to exhibit them at home. Important thing knows how to play with styles. Also proportions and compositions to hang pictures in groups and create decorative murals that attract attention. It is not necessary that all paintings are of equal size, nor has similar frames; important thing is to create proportionate and appropriate compositions.

Wall Mural New York Theme

When it comes to using paintings as decorative elements at home. It is important to avoid appearing as if they were an art gallery. It is better to group pictures in areas to create warmer environments. Although they can be of varied sizes and styles. When we create a wall mural New York with different paintings, we must draw an imaginary line that crosses squares by half respecting an average height throughout composition.

A trick to know which composition of pictures is better is to make paper templates of each picture. And stick them with adhesive tape to wall to see wall mural New York before hanging pictures. In this way we can change distribution to find one that we like most. When we have decided where to hang each one. With these same templates we can mark exact center of picture to make hole and hang it without mistakes.

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